The Bodhran-Players-Dream

  • Hallo, es gibt ja nun ein paar Witze über uns Bodhranspieler, vielleicht auch ein paar Wahrheiten, aber, wie ich glaube keine Lieder.
    Nun habe ich vor einiger zeit mal eins geschrieben, alsoo vorwiegend den Text und will es euch mal vorstellen.
    Vielleicht gefällt es ja einem und vielleicht hat auch einer eine Melodie dazu.
    Also lest es und meldet euch mal.

    Schönen Gruß Karl-Wilhelm
    PS.: Das Englisch ist vermutlich ziemlich holprig, aber für nen Trommler reichts wohl

    The Bodhran-Players Dream
    Karl-Wilhelm Wilke, im September 2011

    I am a Bodhran-player
    Go down to Paddy’s Bar
    There is an Irish session
    Where good musicians are.

    They ´re sitting in the corner
    Whistle, fiddle and guitar
    “Oh, you ´re a bodhran-player?!
    Better sit down at the bar.”

    I look at these musicians
    And I think “never mind”
    I take my beloved bodhran
    And drink 2,3,4 pints

    The fiddle starts the session
    plays tunes of every kind.
    I sit at the bar and listen
    Drink for every set a pint.

    Suddenly I get tired
    My head drops on the bar
    I’m knockin` on the heavens door
    Where holy musicians are

    I´m knockin´ like a drummer
    Fast and faster, loud
    Then I hear an angels voice
    Out of the shining clouds

    (weibliche Stimme)
    Angels are here musicians
    With whistle, fiddle, harp
    You are a bodhran-player
    Better sit down at the bar.

    I look at these musicians
    And I think “never mind”
    I take my beloved bodhran
    And drink 2,3,4 pints

    I go downstairs in anger
    There is an open bar
    Inside is a dark band playing
    Looking really bizarre

    The whistler is the devil
    And this is, what he speaks
    “We need a bodhran-Player
    It`s boring - without beats.”

    I look at these musicians
    In their firery heat
    I take my beloved bodhran
    play at a hellish speed

    Now i´m the bodhran-player
    With hellfire in my eyes
    I play on every session
    Where I get free pints
    Chor weiter:
    Now he is the bodhran-player
    With hellfire in his eyes.
    He’s playing on every session,
    Where he gets free pints.

  • Hi,

    die Idee/Notwendigkeit eines Bodhransongs wurde bereits entdeckt und behoben:

    (gleicher Text)

    and (anderer Song)

    ... just in case :)

    in dubio pro REELS 8)

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  • wow, sehr cooler Text :D
    liest sich auf jeden Fall sehr toll.

    3 Daumen hoch ;-)

    "Armselig der Schüler, der seinen Meister nicht übertrifft." - Leonardo Da Vinci



  • Lyrics für die ersten beiden:

    The Bodhran Song

    The Bodhran Song
    (Brian O'Rourke)

    Oh I am a year old kid
    I'm worth scarcely fifteen quid.
    I'm the kind of beast you might well look down on
    But my value will increase
    At the time of my decease
    For when I grow up I want to be a bodhran.

    If you kill me for my meat
    You won't find me very sweet.
    Your palate I'm afraid I'll soon turn sour on.
    Ah but if you do me in
    For the sake of my thick skin
    You'll find I make a tasty little bodhran.

    Now my parents Bill and Nan,
    They do not approve my plan
    To become a yoke for every yob to pound on
    Ah but I would sooner scamper
    With a bang than with a whimper
    And achieve reincarnation as a bodhran.

    I look forward to the day
    When I leave off eating hay
    And become a drum to entertain a crowd on
    And I'll make my presence felt
    With each well-delivered belt
    As a fully qualified and licensed bodhran.

    And 'tis when I'm killed and cured
    My career will be assured
    I'll be a skin you'll see no scum nor scour on
    But with studs around my rim
    I'll be sound in wind and limb
    And I'll make a dandy, handy little bodhran.

    Oh my heart with joy expands
    When I dream of far-off lands
    And consider all the streets that I will sound on
    And I pity my poor ma
    Who has never seen a Fleadh
    Or indulged in foreign travel as a bodhran.

    For a hornpipe or a reel
    A dead donkey has no feel
    Or a horse or cow or sheep that has its shroud on
    And you can't join in a jig
    If you're a former grade A pig
    But you can wallop out the lot if you're a bodhran.

    So if e'er you're feeling low
    To a session you should go
    And bring me there to exercise an hour on.
    You can strike a mighty thump
    On my belly, back or rump
    But I thank you if you'd wait till I'm a bodhran.

    When I dedicate my hide,
    I'll enhance the family pride
    And tradition is a thing I won't fall down on
    For I'll bear a few young bucks
    Who'll inherit my good looks
    And be proud to know their old one is a bodhran.

    And I don't think I'll much mind
    When I've left himself behind
    For the critter can no longer turn the power on
    For with a celtic ink design
    Tattooed on my behind
    I can be a very sexy little bodhran.

    Now I think you've had enough
    Of this rubbishy old guff
    So I'll put a sudden end to my wee amhran*
    And quite soon my bloody bleat
    Will become a steady beat
    When I start my new existence as a bodhran.

    *amhrán heißt song
    (oder, leicht variiert: )

    in dubio pro REELS 8)

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  • Tja, da war ich dann wieder zu spät fürs erste Lied über Bodhranspieler. Aber macht nix. Über die Liebe soll es dem Hörensagen nach sogar über 5 Lieder geben.